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Mission and Vision

To break the stigma that comes with wearing hearing aids, in order to promote motivation to all ages who think they are not good enough and not worthy enough to chase their dreams. You can do anything in life, don’t let your hearing loss stop you.

We want to become a household name in promoting awareness and motivation in the hearing loss community, as well as providing resources to increase access to hearing aid devices for those less fortunate, and to spread the message that you too can achieve your dreams.

We want to DEAFeat the stigma that comes with wearing hearing aids.

Join us in that journey today. 




Bring KEENAN into your school or business

Keenan’s mission is to spread awareness about hearing loss and to promote motivation to people of all ages that they too can chase their dreams, just like Keenan is doing. Bring Keenan into your school or business, and help spread the message that having a hearing loss doesn’t matter. 


Keenan grew up in school with a hearing loss, and was bullied significantly for it throughout his schooling career in England. He had to make the decision that he wasn’t going to let his hearing loss hold him back anymore, and that he couldn’t listen to what other students were saying. He also had a very dampening experience with a teacher which stopped Keenan from wearing his hearing aids for 7 years until he was 21 years old. 

His mission is to spread awareness to both teachers and other students, to tell stories about how his hearing loss held him back academically, and to spread awareness to teachers about what students with hearing loss go through on a daily basis.


unDEAFeated is Keenan’s second entrepreneurial endeavor. Previously to starting this hearing loss awareness company, Keenan ran his own Mobile Auto Detailing company in the UK, before moving to the US. Bring Keenan in to share his stories on how he has overcame the stigma of hearing loss in order to motivate him into business, his complications with communication, and how he believes that hiring people with disabilities such as hearing loss is no different to hiring someone without it. In todays society, people with hearing loss have a range of tools they can use to help them in their careers. 

People with hearing loss are just as capable of achieving anything they want and doing all types of work just as well as other people. Allow Keenan to spread the message to both employees and business owners/managers not to overlook with people with disabilities, as we are just as capable. 

Have a totally different life.

Keenan's Programs

5 key areas of life

Growing up, Keenan stopped wearing his hearing aids due to the thoughts and bullying of other students at his school. Over time, Keenan learned to love his hearing aids, and started to embrace them as part of who he is, and that's what Keenan has set out to do...break the social stigma of wearing hearing aids.

Breaking the Stigma

Hearing loss makes you feel often times, worthless, left out, and depressed. Keenan is here to show you that you can do anything you want in life, through stories from professional athletes, actors, and business professionals who have achieved their dreams. Hearing loss is not a deciding factor in your life.


Did you know that 20% of people on earth live with a form of hearing loss? Yet, many people have no idea what it's like for us Hard of Hearing people on a daily basis, or how to communicate effectively with us. Keenan will continue to educate on the best practices for communicating with HoH people. Remember, Hearing Loss is an invisible disability, and is often overlooked.


An often overlooked area in the Hard of Hearing and Deaf community is hearing health and protection. Keenan wants to help reveal the effects of noise exposure on your hearing as you age, and tips to help improve your hearing health practices. Did you know? 26 million people worldwide have permanent hearing loss from excessive exposure to noise.


Living with hearing loss makes it easy to feel disconnected and left out. Keenan first handedly experienced this growing up. It's easy to let things snowball downhill and out of control. Keenan's hearing loss and experience of bullying led to other issues such as a depression diagnosis, as well as extremely unhealthy weight gain. What matters most when you feel like there is no way out, is a sense of community, and like someone has your back. Keenan will shine a light on ways you can get involved with your local community, and daily tips and tricks to help you boost confidence, mood, and find your purpose in life. You only have one life, don't let hearing loss be a deciding factor in what you do with it.

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What they say


“We run a transcription and subtitling software company which makes audio accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing. What Keenan is doing is extremely inspiring, and it is humbling to see someone taking a stand against the stigma of hearing loss in the way that he is. To be working with Keenan on his project is a great honour, and I can only imagine the impact he is going to have on our community.”


Peter-Paul de Leeuw

CEO, Amberscript 

“Keenan is a role model for everyone. Not just those with hearing loss. Everyone who aspires to achieve more. Everyone that excels in the face of adversity. Everyone who simply will not take no for an answer. Everyone driven to succeed and win. We’re honored to be associated with Keenan and the incredible work he’s doing with UnDEAFeated. It’s a cause we’re naturally passionate about and one we’re proud to support. We hope that together with XRAI Glass we can everyone to achieve more. Both on the race track and off. “


Dan Scarfe

Founder, XRAI Glass


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